Where I’m from:

Ocala, Florida. Horse country. My family trained show horses and bred thoroughbreds. Though I shirked the family legacy to be an actor, I know how to ride and muck manure with the best of them.

How I learned:

BFA Acting, Syracuse University. Though I never stop training, because I just love the work.

What else is cool:

My grandfather was an explorer that searched the Bermuda Triangle for evidence of Atlantis. He wrote a book about his findings: The Stones of Atlantis. A lot of my rebel spirit comes from him. 

How I started:

Opera. For almost ten years, I trained as a coloratura soprano--a rare voice type that can sing like, stupid high. I sang with a professional opera company for most of high school. Meanwhile, I’d go home and rock out to Led Zeppelin and Simon & Garfunkel and binge classic films. When college came around, I was pushed to pursue vocal performance, but I had other plans. 


What else I do:

My fiance and I are avid campers and long-distance backpackers. We have a goal of visiting every National Park in America, and can plan an epic road trip on a dime.


What I’m obsessed with:

Grey Gardens and classic rock n’ roll. Particularly Joni Mitchell. In NYC, I sang in a band, and I actually got to say, “I’m with the band.” #dreamcometrue

If I wasn’t an actor:

I’d be a journalist. But hey, I’ll settle for playing one on TV. 

What else I'm good at: 

Dialects. Grammar. Peeing in the woods. 

Why acting:

I was just really good at it. And I loved it. And now, I'm grateful to acting for helping me learn about others, about myself, and for giving me a chance to be part of stories that can change our culture for the better. Bonus: it's the only place left where cellphones are still truly not allowed.  

Other Dream:  

To have a photo exhibit in the MoMA. I've already begun working on it. A feminist commentary on just how hungry we all are. See excerpts below: